Since colonial times...

... New Englander’s have used hand-cut granite for foundations, curbing, street pavers, fence posts, and pass-throughs… and more. New England Native Stone harvests, reclaims, and collects this beautiful material that grows more enchanting with age. Its weathered patina, the hand-chiseled faces and drill marks of our Historic Hardscapes stand ready to be reborn in your project. Nothing says historic like reclaimed stone.

Antique Granite Foundation Stones — Before cellars were made of concrete, granite was the material of choice. Many pieces are 8-12 feet long & 2 feet wide. Many show drill marks and have a weathered antique stone patina.
Reclaimed Cobbles — Reclaimed from the streets of the cities of New England. These cobbles were either brought over as ballast in ships from Europe or were quarried in New England.
Reclaimed Granite Curbing — Hand-worked with drill holes and years and years of weathering.
Antique Clay Paving Brick — Reclaimed from the streets & sidewalks of New England. These bricks were originally manufactured for paving applications and are perfect for that authentic antique look.
Megaliths — Once left as scrap, these stately weathered stone towers still bear the marks of quarrymen from years past. And if you’re looking for a dramatic bold statement, our selection of Megaliths is outstanding.

Historic Hardscape




  The beauty of Historic Hardscape: Timeless and Green